Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham

Research Economist





I currently work as a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. If you need to reach me, please email me at paulgp at gmail dot com.


I recently posted a new paper on gender representation in economics at the NBER Summer Institute.

I have created a blog section for the page for my discussions on data visualization and coding. I recently wrote a post comparing R and Stata regressions.

Recent Papers Updated:

Gender Representation in Economics Across Topics and Time: Evidence from the NBER Summer Institute with Anusha Chari was just posted.

Opting Out of Good Governance with Fritz Foley, Jonathan Greenstein and Eric Zwick has a new draft with updated results.

Abstract added for Bartik Instruments: What, When, Why and How with Isaac Sorkin and Henry Swift has been added. Email me for a copy of the draft.

Bad Credit, No Problem? Credit and Labor Market Consequences of Bad Credit Reports with Will Dobbie, Neale Mahoney and Jae Song has been updated.

Consumer Bankruptcy and Financial Health
with Will Dobbie and Crystal Yang is now forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics.